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Best online passive income source

Best online passive income source 

There are various ways to earn money online during these quarantine days it is the time to get rich opportunities for everyone there are many websites and apps present in google which are good but many websites are fake today I will tell you all about online earning websites and how to generate passive income online work?

now a day everyone thinks to earn money online and generate passive income it is defiantly passive but also you will do hard work today I will introduce various app and website and suggest you which are best for you if you think it is very easy to generate income by online work but really it's totally wrong because in this generation everyone makes money by online work so the competition of online marketing money is very high. if you can do hard work in any earning methods then defiantly after a few months you will also be earning money by online work

So there are some best websites and online work

  1.  Online data entry jobs 
  2.  Fiver 
  3.  Online surveys 
  4.  Became a captcha solver 
  5.  Part-time selling product 
  6. Translator 
  7. Content writer 
  8. Network marketing 
  9. Micro jobs 
  10. Home tutor 

let,s start to generate passive income with the help of these websites

1. Online data entry jobs:

There is various type of data entry work present in google and various other apps if you generate your passive income by this work than it is a good and best way of earning money online and easy too.

In data entry jobs you write data to there informative place there is various website available in google and which provide data entry work like truelancer, toptal, skillbox, and many other websites so if you have a skill of data entry and typing so you defiantly go for this income source and earn money online.

2. Fiver

It is the best and trusted websites to everyone it is a type of freelancing website that provides lot's of work if you have some talent of data entry, content writing, developing software, and any other type of work available for everyone

how to earn money by
first, you create an account in and make sure your account is very strong I mean you show your good habits and talent because every client first sees the account information that's why your account is very strong to other client think who is eligible for there work so it is very easy for beginners also because it is easily operated by everyone if you have some other talents like data entry and content writing just now create your account in fiver .com and earn money online.

3. Online surveys

It is also a best-earning source for everyone now a day various people earn money by completing survey, tasks and earn money online you will also earn money by taking surveys and tasks

there are various websites are available in google which provides survey and tasks but some websites are fake also so you first of all some research about online surveys websites which are good and legit website online surveys it is a type of feedback work which is the best source of passive income generating some best and legit websites like opinion outpost, Swagbucks, inbox dollar, and many other best websites for online surveys.

4. Became a captcha solver

It is also a best passive income source and easy because in this source you will solve the simple captcha and earn money online I think it is the best and easiest source of generating passive income

In captcha solver, you will solve a captcha in a particular time and earn a dollar for solving captcha there are various websites for solving captcha like kolotibablo, mega typer, and captcha typer so start a captcha solving work and earn money online.

5. Selling product

In this source, you will sell products and earn money but you will sell product online as an affiliate marketer now a day it is very popular and best source to earn money in starting to create some account in social media because social media it is a type of best communication source if you once create trustful account to other than this work is very easy to handle for every.

so I suggest it is also the best income generating source for everyone,  selling the product it is a type affiliate marketer which help to every seller and buyer also start as an affiliate marketing and earn money online.

6. Translator

now a day various people earn money by this work because in this generation there is the most important work as a translator if you can translate the data and information to another language.

there are various website which provides to service of translating information and data by others but if you create your own account in there so translating the information and data so you will also earn online money. you work also as a freelancer in freelancing field translating the data and information and generate online money.

7. Content writer

It is also a best-earning source for everyone because now a day everyone needs a content writer I also need to content writer if you have a talent of content writing so this is the best source for you you also work as a freelancer you create your account in freelancing sites because most of the client search a content writer there.

so you will work as a freelancer and earn money online many clients will find the content writer in freelancing sites it is very simple and easy work for everyone if you have the ability of content writing so defiantly you will earn money by this method.

8. Network marketing

Now a day it is also very popular and best way of earning money by enlargement of your network and create a big chain into best marketing field it is not easy for everyone but if you will create a big and strong network in network marketing so defiantly you will earn very huge amount of money by this source

there are various network marketing sites available in google like Amway, Herbalife, Infinitus, and many more network marketing in India. so if you have the best network of people than you will start a network marketing work and earn money online.

9. Micro jobs

It is also the best way of earning money by micro jobs it is also a very popular and legit way for earning now a day various people earn by doing some micro jobs on other websites.

there are various website are available for micro jobs but some websites are fake but you don't worry today I will tell you legit website for micro jobs like Amazon mechanical trunk, micro worker and you also work as a freelancer because freelancing is a type of micro-jobs ane the best freelancing sites is,, Upwork and many more websites for freelancing jobs.

10. Online tutor

Now a day everyone going to digital and everyone studying digitally so you will also start online tutor work from home it such a good way to earn money online.

there are various websites for online tutoring like, tutorvista .com, homework tutoring, smart think, and many more if you can teach someone in any subject so it is the best platform for you to earn money online.

Conclusion: there are many ways to earn passive income if you think to earn money online so read my blog and get all information about online earning I hoe it will helpful for everyone and plzz follow and subscribe to my blog.

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